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  • How to Find a Job in Dubai and the Middle East

    How to Find a Job in Dubai and the Middle East

    • Nov 27, 2019
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    Dubai is the most favourite destination for job seekers around the world as it is always deluged with employment opportunities. The luxurious lifestyle, tax-free benefits, global exposure, multi-cultural workforce, and secured living are a few of the reasons that are attracting job seekers to kick start their career in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. Even though thousands of vacancies generates in the Middle East on a daily basis, it is often difficult for job seekers to find a job in Dubai or the Middle East without proper plan or guidance. 

    Wondering how to get a job in Dubai without failing? Then you are in the right place. To land in your dream job without any difficulty, here are a few things you must consider before starting your search for the job.

    Understand Your Market

    Do market research related to the industrial area you would like to work in. UAE companies give preferences to locals first and then to other regions. Therefore, before you apply on any available list of jobsites in Dubai, you need to do research on your specific job sector to understand how many days it may take to receive call regarding the interview. The market research also helps you understand the job opportunities, compensation packages, etc., and can make decisions based on the market facts.

    Find Verified Companies

    When you are applying directly on a company website or on the list of jobsites in Dubai, verify whether the company is trustworthy. Make sure that the company has a genuine web address, proper information about the company, transparency of the formalities required, and not demanding any special fee to avoid the fraudulent activities.

    Search for the Opportunities

    Browse through the list of jobsites in Dubai and explore the ample number of opportunities available in your interested area. Here are some of the good sites to find a job in Dubai:

    1. TalentedZone

    2. GreenlandUAE

    3. Dubaitask

    4. GulfTalent

    5. Bayt

    6. Khaleejtimes

    7. Dubizzle

    8. Naukrigulf


    Recruitment Agencies

    It is always recommended to tie up with a reliable recruitment agency to find a job in Dubai without fail. The recruitment agencies will make your job search easy by connecting you with the companies that match your profile and prepare you for the interview with the professional resume writing, cover letter, and suggest you tip to grab the opportunity. They also assist you in submitting the valid documents and get a relevant visa to work in Dubai.

    Social Profile

    Make sure that your social profile matches your resume skills. Most of the companies will verify your social media profiles like LinkedIn before deciding to recruit you. If your profile is not updated with relevant information about your career achievements and you have mentioned it only on your resume, they may hold the processing of your application. So, before applying for any job, verify whether your skills mentioned on both the resume and social media profile are matching.

    Validate the Requisites

    Before attending the interview, validate whether you carry all the requisites needed for the job. Valid passport, medical certificate, labour card, visa, and id proof are the common requisites to work in Dubai. When you have decided to find a job in Dubai, start processing the required fundamentals to avoid delay in the future. 

    So, you no need to worry about how to get a job in Dubai. Applying on the available list of jobsites in Dubai or approaching a recruitment agency will make your job search easier and help you find your dream job. Talented Zone is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai that connects job seekers and employers from leading companies in the Middle East. Explore the thousands of opportunities added on the site across various industries and apply for the job that matches your profile.