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  • What Are Dubai Employers Looking For In 2019

    Skills In Demand : What Are Dubai Employers Looking For In 2019

    • Nov 13, 2018
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    It is true that there is a great demand for jobs in Dubai by ambitious candidates from all parts of the world. Everyone wants to be a part of our growing economy. From retail and real estate to IT jobs in Dubai, every industry is flourishing, resulting in the growing need for manpower. Recruitment agencies in Dubai are flooded with requirements for skilled candidates, as businesses are now laying more emphasis on skill rather than qualifications. No amount of qualifications matter if you are not skilled enough to do the job.

    Here are some skills that are Dubai employers are looking for in 2019

    1. Communication is key

    In today’s times, proficiency in both oral and written communication has become a primary skill that employers look for in candidates. Employees need to be able to communicate efficiently with clients as well as their team members for businesses to run smoothly. From writing crisp emails to creating elaborate presentations, strong communication skills take you a long way.

    2. Creative thinking

    Nowadays, machines can perform any task as well as humans, sometimes better than humans. The only thing that machines cannot do is think creatively. Employers are seeking out candidates who look beyond the obvious, come up with creative solutions and improve existing processes to increase efficiency and revenue in new ways.

    3. Leading the pack

    Even if the vacancy is not for a managerial role, having an employee who has the leadership spirit is a boon for an organization. Employees who have leadership qualities are highly motivated, have a positive attitude and always want what is best for the business. They want to grow along with the business.

    4. Analytical thinking

    Employers no longer want employees who come in every morning, do their job and leave. They want employees who are analytical, look for new ways to achieve targets and are curious to find the root cause of problems and solve them.

    5. People skills

    An employee who can liaison with his seniors, peers and clients and manage to keep them all pleased is a pleasure to work with. Firms often value employees who have a pleasing personality, dress well and create a good impression of the firm. After all, every employee is a representative of the business.

    6. Organizational abilities

    The ability to identify tasks, break them down, delegate duties and prioritise is very valuable to employers. Candidates who demonstrate high organizational abilities find it very easy to find jobs in Dubai. An organised employee helps keep the team on track, minimises wastage of time and resources and has a higher output that disorganised employees. Thus, this skill is highly sought after by employers.

    7. Timeliness

    Being punctual and meeting timelines can create a great impression on your employer. It is a sign of being organised. When you know how to manage your time well, you are more productive. Similarly, delivering your work on time portrays you as someone who is dependable. Hence, time management is also a skill that employers are on the lookout for in 2019.

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