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    Talented Zone's Guide To Your Perfect CV

    • Nov 13, 2018
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    What does CV stand for? Well, it is short for curriculum vitae, a self-marketing article that contains all the information about you that is required to convince potential employers that you are a perfect fit for a job.

    This document should clearly specify all your career details like past employers, roles and responsibilities held in each job, qualifications, achievements and certification. These details help the prospective employer ascertain your worth and whether or not you are the right candidate for the job.

    A CV is a basic tool you can use to apply and get selected for a job. A great CV can get you an interview in no time. But even a small error in your CV can lead to rejection. Thus, it is important to make the right impression when creating your CV. Sometimes you may also be asked to present a cover letter. A cover letter must basically include a short overview of your skills and highlight your intent on securing the job you are applying for.

    While every CV is unique, this guide by Talented Zone can help you create a great CV for yourself:

    1. Personal details

    It is important to add personal details to your CV. But remember to only add details that are relevant to the job. While the employer may need to know your full name, address and nationality, they may not need details about your marital status, mother tongue and nickname.

    2. Pack a punch!

    Limit your CV to 2 pages and add relevant information that can help you bag the job. An interviewer spends only eight to ten seconds browsing through a CV on average. Adding unnecessary information can lead to losing the reader’s attention and getting rejected at the initial stage.

    3. Make it personal

    Adding a personal statement can create a great first impression about you on the employer. A personal statement is a single sentence that communicates what makes you the best choice for the position.

    4. Handle gaps with care

    If you have had a break in your career, ensure that you specify the reason for the gap and add a positive spin on it by highlighting any courses you did, certifications you received or volunteer work undertaken by you during the unemployment period.

    5. Be honest

    Lying on your CV can’t take you far. Your lie may be discovered during a background check which will lead to being blacklisted in the company. Even if you do get away with it and get the job, if you lie about your qualification or skills, your employer will soon realize the same when you fail to perform at work. Imagine the embarrassment you will have to go through when you lose your job because of lying.

    6. Make your CV keyword friendly

    Most often, you will upload your CV on online job portals. Adding keywords to your CV makes it easier to find you. For example, a sales executive may mention direct selling, telesales and other terms that are commonly used while searching for candidates with such skills.

    Use these tips to create a superb CV while searching for jobs in the UAE. Need help with recruitment in UAE? Register on the Talented Zone website now.