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    Talented Zone's Tips for Success: What to Wear to a Job Interview?

    • May 31, 2019
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    The phrase - the first impression is the last impression is incredibly true when it comes to interviews. As a result, you need to dress to impress and make the best first impression. The way you look prompts the interviewer to make a snap judgement and if they are not impressed, they may write you off even before you have said a single a word. This is unfair but it is the truth.

    But on the positive side, simply dressing well can also turn the interview in your favour. The interviewers may tend to overlook some minor shortcoming and give you the benefit of the doubt because you look neat, well dressed and they feel you will create a good impression of their business (especially true for sales and client facing roles)

    Though each company has its own dress code; some formal and some casual, it is still expected that you dress in a certain way for the interview. You can follow the company dress code once you are hired.

    When it comes to dressing for interviews, we have you covered! Here are a few tips by Talented Zone, well-known recruitment consultants in the UAE. These are commonly accepted tips that can be applied to all jobs, designations and industries.

    1. Dress for the role

    Studies reveal that interviewers take an average of 10 seconds to decide if they want to hire you or not. Thus, the interviewer must be able to see you in the role you are applying for not only in terms of your qualifications and skills but also the way you look. If you dress perfectly for the position you are applying for, it makes it easier for the interviewer to picture you in that designation. For example, if you are applying for the position of a sales representative for a brand of cosmetics, it is imperative that your own makeup should be flawless.

    2. Your clothes must fit right

    Have no doubt that if you are uncomfortable in your clothes it will reflect in the way you behave during your interview. From your suit to your shoes, every item of clothing must fit perfectly. Ladies, check the length of your skirt as they tend to ride up a few inches when you sit down. You don’t want to be tugging at the hem while being observed during the interview.

    3. Go for neutral tones

    Choose to wear colours that are on the neutral side. Colours that are too bright or patterns that in your face can sometimes shift the attention of the interviewer from what you are saying to what you are wearing. Blues, whites, beiges and blacks are considered to safe colours to wear for an interview.

    4. Ladies take note!

    Your makeup should be muted and only used to accentuate your natural beauty. Choose to wear a sharp looking business suit with well-cut trousers or a mid-length skirt. Closed shoes or peep toes can also add a professional air to your look. Finally, it is best you keep your hair tied neatly or if you want to keep it loose, ensure it is off your face.

    Now that you know how to dress to an interview, browse for the best job vacancies in the UAE on the Talented Zone website.